Club Policies

The Durham Rebels Volleyball Club is committed to providing athletes with a safe, fun, and rewarding volleyball experience. Our policies provide a roadmap for the day-to-day operations of our club and clearly outline the expectations placed on our Club Members, including coaches, players, Directors, managers, volunteers, parents, and any other person performing a role within the Club. Failure to adhere to these policies may be grounds for suspension or dismissal from the Club, forfeiting all club and team fees paid.

All members are encouraged to review our policies and seek clarification if anything remains unclear.

  1. Club and program registration fees are non-refundable after the date specified in the registration waivers (14 days prior to the start of an athlete development program such as Learn to Play, summer camp or once a signed commitment form is received from a competitive team athlete). Regardless of the refund reason, a $25 administrative fee is applied to all refund transactions.
  2. There are two exceptions that will be considered; 1) if an athlete experiences significant injury or a substantial illness documented by a physician that precludes their participation for the remainder of the season or program 2) the family’s primary residence *(including school board attended) is relocated to a distance that results in an unreasonable to commute. In each situation, the Club will consider all committed expenses to determine any possible prorated refund. Prorated refunds will not be back-dated and are only extended from the date of the written request onward to the end of the program or season.
  3. If a parent believes an athlete’s circumstance meets items 1 or 2 above, a refund request may be submitted, in writing, to the club’s President and Treasurer along with documentation (i.e. proof of enrolment at new school or medical note) requesting a refund for fees not already incurred on behalf of the athlete. Email: president “at” and payment “at” (spam note: replace “at” with @)
  4. Decisions made by the athlete/family such as missing tournaments, training, or leaving the team or program mid-season, regardless of circumstances other than those above, shall be ineligible for refunds of any kind.
  5. Refund requests for competitive team athletes less than 21 days before the roster lock date (currently February 1) may be denied in their entirety if the club or team is unable to replace the vacated position.
  6. Team fees already paid will be considered non-refundable.
  7. Outstanding team fees may be deducted from any possible Club fee refund amount.
  8. Sponsorship and fundraising dollars are community funds and not refundable to parents or coaches.
  9. If any, or part, of our program is cancelled due to COVID-19 or other global pandemic, any fees not already incurred on behalf of the athlete will be refunded once the season has officially ended.