The Durham Rebels Volleyball Club is committed to providing athletes with a safe, fun, and rewarding volleyball experience. Our policies provide a roadmap for the day-to-day operations of our club and clearly outline the expectations placed on our Club Members, including coaches, players, Directors, managers, volunteers, parents, and any other person performing a role within the Club. Failure to adhere to these principles may be grounds for suspension or dismissal from the Club, forfeiting all club and team fees paid.

Section 1.6.2: Refunds

  1. Club and program registration fees are non-refundable. An exception will be considered in situations where an athlete experiences significant injury or a health issue documented by a physician that precludes their participation for the remainder of the season or program. In this situation, the Club will consider all committed expenses to determine any possible pro-rated refund. 
  2. Refunds will be no greater than 50% of the Club or program registration fee. Team fees already paid will be considered non-refundable.
  3. Outstanding team fees may be deducted from any possible Club fees refund amount. 
  4. Durham Rebels Volleyball Club will only consider refunds based on a written request submitted to the Club’s Treasurer / Finance Officer along with a physician’s note. 
  5. If a program is cancelled due to COVID-19, any fees not already incurred on behalf of the athlete will be refunded.

Section 2.1: Athlete Code of Conduct & Dress Code

Section 2.3: Parent Code of Conduct

Section 2.5: Travel and Accommodations

Section 2.6: Discipline and Complaints

Section 3.1: Privacy Statement

Section 3.2: Return to Play (Education) | OVA-DRVC COVID Waiver

Section 3.3: Concussion Code of Conduct

Section 3.4: Social Media and Online Communication

Section 3.5: Bullying and Harassment