Risk Management

Prior to participating in one of our programs, specific documents and waivers must be completed on behalf of the participant. No athlete will be permitted to participate if the appropriate forms are not completed by the parent or legal guardian. The required forms will be available to the registrant online through the TeamSnap registration process, however, copies of these documents are below for review and reference

Warm-up Clinics, Training Sessions, Learn to Play, Summer Camp:

  1. Activity Waiver
  2. OVA-DRVC COVID Waiver (see COVID-19 Resources section below for guidelines and procedures)
  3. Concussion Code of Conduct
  4. Health Screening Questionnaire (rev Oct 1/2020) (used by athlete to pre-screen before arriving and verbally acknowledge at check-in)

Rep Teams:

All athletes and coaches on our Rep Teams must download the TeamSnap app and accept the invite to their respective team. Prior to each activity, athletes and coaches must use and pass the health check pre-screening module within TeamSnap before arriving at the activity.

  1. Activity Waiver
  2. OVA-DRVC COVID Waiver  (see COVID-19 Resources section below for guidelines and procedures)
  3. Concussion Code of Conduct
  4. OVA Registration Form (athletes now register through the new MRS system as a tryout athlete – the club will upgrade your membership to an indoor player)
  5. Respect in Sport Parent Module
  6. OVA DRVC Daily Health Screening Tool (rev Oct 1/2020)
  7. DRVC Athlete-Parent Code of Conduct
  8. OVA Code of Conduct
  9. Fee Sheet and refund policy (provided with offer)

Concussion Resources

If an athlete sustains a concussion, or suspected concussion, during one of our events or activities please contact our Risk Management Coordinator to ensure this is documented and proper return to play protocols are followed.

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Oversight Group:
Communications Lead: Sharon Forgie
Health Lead: Jennifer Cahill (Public Health Nurse)
Coach representative: Cassandra Leblanc
Club executive: Paul Koot (president)