Offer: 17U Girls (Olympia)


Congratulations on being selected for a Durham Rebels Volleyball Club team. This offer will expire in 36 hours – the time stamp on your offer email marks the beginning of the 36-hour period. Please respond to your offer by completing and submitting the online offer form below. Submitting an accepted offer is considered an official commitment to a club for the current season. Participation in additional tryouts after accepting an offer is not permitted. Athletes who accept offers from multiple clubs will be found in violation of the Tryout Window policy.

To help us continue to roster this team, athletes accepting this offer should continue to attend the team’s remaining tryouts unless advised otherwise. We kindly ask all athletes to be sensitive to the fact that some athletes at tryouts have not yet received an offer and all signed athletes, and parents, should exercise discretion throughout the tryout process.

For more information on our team and the season, please review our Season Plan distributed at tryouts. Attached to your offer email is your official OVA Offer form; if accepting a position with our team, you will be required to bring this completed form to your team’s registration night later this week. If you need to contact us, please email

Offer: 17U Girls (Team 2) - Bobby Olympia

Offer: 17U Girls (Team 2) - Bobby Olympia





On behalf of the Club:
Durham Rebels Volleyball Club

Paul Koot, President / Brian Bouma, Vice President