DRVC multi-sport alumna, Emily Dyment, finding success on the field

Former DRVC athlete Emily Dyment is enjoying a successful season as an attacker with the Division 1 Gardner-Webb women’s lacrosse team. Dyment played volleyball with DRVC for 8 years, starting as an underage player on the 13U team when she was just 11-years old. During this time, she was also a competitive lacrosse player with the Lady Blue Knights. Dyment admits that playing two competitive sports meant she was constantly busy but says, “I never felt as though I was sacrificing anything, because I truly enjoyed being a part of every team.”

Many young athletes are told to focus on just one sport, and while time and financials often come into play for parents, the benefits of being a multi-sport athlete are significant. “Playing two sports put me at a lower risk for overuse injuries, kept me interested and excited about both sports, and allowed me to develop twice the number of friendships” said Dyment, who is on a lacrosse scholarship in North Carolina studying Exercise Science. “The different forms of training for lacrosse versus volleyball helped me to become a better athlete,” she added, citing the explosiveness training during volleyball season helped her to improve the speed she needed for lacrosse. Dyment also says having the support of her parents, Rob and Monica, was crucial to her success as an athlete.

During high school, Dyment was extremely busy with her school athletics and at a certain point in the year was on four different teams. At the same time, she held down a part-time job and was working to maintain high academic standards. Dyment graduated from Sinclair Secondary School in Whitby as an Ontario Scholar where she also earned the Faces of the Future award and other academic and athletic achievements. If it works for the individual family and the sports have alternate seasons, Dyment encourages young athletes to play multiple sports, even if it’s at the recreational level.

Much of Dyment’s success to date can be attributed to setting high standards for herself, a commitment to excellence, and a whole lot of perseverance. During this past season, she was waking up as early as 3:45 a.m. for training. “It’s not easy,” she says, “but being able to push yourself among other high-level athletes is truly outstanding. My teammates are my closest friends and I love being able to spend so much time with them.”

DRVC is rooting for Dyment and her Bulldogs team and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this dedicated athlete! Whether the alternate season includes baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse or even beach volleyball (yes, it’s a whole different game from the indoor version), athletes considering volleyball when the days of summer come to a close should give it a try!

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