Koot-Stone Founders’ Bursary

The Koot-Stone Founders Bursary is named after Paul Koot and Lee Stone who founded the Club back in 2003. As educators in the elementary school system, both saw a growing need to give young athletes a volleyball program that focused on teaching players life skills beyond the volleyball court. The importance of academics, athletics, family, citizenship, integrity, perseverance, and commitment were our guiding principles back in 2003 and remain our guiding principles today.

Each year, the Club sets aside funds from our development programs and Club level sponsors to provide a graduating athlete with a bursary to assist with their post-secondary education costs.

The Founders Bursary is awarded to an athlete who is pursuing a post-secondary education and exemplifies the Club’s guiding principles.

In 2020, all 10 graduating athletes were recipients of a post-secondary bursary thanks to the generous donations of our Club sponsors and a strong development program. This year’s bursary is funded, in part, by Six Pack Recruiting. There is still time for your business to contribute to this year’s bursary which will be awarded to one member from each of our 18U Girls teams. Email register [at] drvcvolleyball.ca for information. 

Our 2020/21 Competitive Teams

We’d like to introduce you to our 2020/2021 competitive teams.

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G11U Alliance: @durhamrebelsalliance | Twitter: @DRVCalliance
G12U Blockade: @durhamrebelsblockade
G13U Rage: @durhamrebelsrage
G13U Blockade: @durhamrebelsblockade
B13U Skyblockers: @durhamrebelsskyblockers (coming soon!)
G14U Smash: @durhamrebelssmash
G14U Strikers: @durhamrebelsstrikers
G15U Boom: @durhamrebelsboom
G15U Menace: @durhamrebelsmenace (coming soon!)
B15U Chewblockas: @durhamrebelschewblockas (coming soon!)
G16U Fury: @durhamrebelsfury
G16U Legacy: @durhamrebelslegacy
G16U Destroyers: @durhamrebelsdestroyers (coming soon!)
G17U Ruthless: @durhamrebelsruthless
G18U Crusaders: @durhamrebelscrusaders
G18U Renegades: @durhamrebelsrenegades

We can’t wait to share our photos, news, and team adventures with you! And of course, you can always follow our club accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter through one easy handle: @DurhamRebels

Let’s go, Rebels!