Become a Volleyball Official and Start Working this Fall

Region 4 Volleyball is in short supply of volleyball officials and is looking to train and certify interested applicants 16 years and older.

Region 4 officiates local elementary, LOSSA high school, and OVA games and tournaments; and provides Line Judges for the Durham College Lords men’s and women’s volleyball games.

Durham Rebels Volleyball Club will host a two-evening certification clinic at Saint Charles Garnier in Whitby. This 8 hour clinic is run by certified OVA trainers and is followed by a written test and a tournament training day. There is a membership fee of $111.14 (tax deductible) plus the course fee of $56.50. Current OVA coaches and players will receive a reduced membership rate.

Current compensation for officials is $29 per match (best 2/3 sets). Region 4 Volleyball Officials can coordinate their own schedules to work around school, rep sports, and other jobs. Rookie officials can start at the elementary division and work their way up as they gain confidence and experience.

Register now.