17U Girls

Introduction: With half of its players new to this year’s team, our 17U is almost starting from scratch to develop in just a few months what many teams have taken several years to build. There’s some very strong talent on the court along with some top quality leadership in its coaching staff.
Head Coach: Dane Clarke
Assistant Coach(es): Steve Graham, Karlina Domingo
Team Manager: Cheryl Geofroy, Karen Watson

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The girls will be competing in the following 2017/2018 tournaments:

Date Tournament (Location)
 November 4  17U Provincial Cup
 November 18  18U Provincial Cup
 December 2  17U Challenge Cup
 December 16  18U Challenge Cup
 January 14  17U McGregor Cup
 February 17-19  Capitol Hill Classic, Washington DC
 February 24  17U Bugarski Cup
 April 13-15  17U Ontario Provincial Championships